Our Inventory

With thousands of eyewear options to choose from, depending on the look that you need, Gimme Props is a “one stop shop” for your eyewear needs.  We have a large selection of already AR Coated eyewear for short and long term rentals and our inventory ranges from vintage to present day eyewear.  Here is a taste of the merchandise we have at Gimme Props.

Modern Men’s Sunglasses


Modern Men’s Eyeglasses


Modern Women’s Sunglasses


Modern Women’s Eyeglasses


Novelty Sunglasses


Vintage Men’s Sunglasses


Vintage Men’s Eyeglasses


Vintage Women’s Sunglasses


Vintage Women’s Eyeglasses


Vintage Eyeglasses


Pinhole Sunglasses


Pinhole – Up Close


Front Edge Thickness


Edge Thickness


Side Edge Thickness


Hipster Eyeglasses


Retro Unisex Eyeglasses


P3 Eyeglasses


Aviator Eyeglasses


Basic Eyeglasses


Half-Eye Readers


Large Metal Eyeglasses


Military Issue Eyeglasses


Goggles – Clear


Goggles – Tinted


Men’s Watches


Women’s Watches


Vintage Watches