Some people call us the “go to company for hard to find frames.” Did an actor just pick a pair of
sunglasses that were made 10 years ago and are now discontinued? Lucky for you, we’ll hunt them down, ship ’em out or deliver them direct!

*AR Coating– Anti Reflection Coating is a thin film consisting of one or more layers of transparent┬ámaterial applied to lenses to reduce reflection.

*Prescription Services– You provide an RX and we make it happen ASAP.

*Specialty Tints– Any color you can dream up…

*Pinhole Lenses- A lens that magnifies the eye with a small hole in the center for the actor to see
clearly. This is custom fit per actor.

*Edge Thickness– A thick lens that gives the appearance of a high prescription. (This does not affect your

*Consultations/Fittings– We sit with an actor, establish the look, discuss lens options , and make sure
the frames are in adjustment.

*Shipping– We ship to anywhere in the US upon approval.

*Have your own frames that need AR Coated or specialty lenses? Well…we can do that too!