Frame Vendors

Looking to get your brand seen in movies? We can help!

The Biggest Topic in fashion is “Who’s wearing what”. When u see a celebrity wearing a cool pair of
shades or an awesome shirt chances are you will look it up to see where you can get one too. (don’t
worry, you’re not alone)

Gimme Props has the ability to take a brand and make it visible in multiple mediums. Because of
our industry relationships we are able to showcase your brand in TV, Movies, music videos, print
campaigns, and much more.

Over the years we have built many relationships within the entertainment industry. Since our clients
trust our knowledge and expertise they allow us to attend onset fittings and be an integral part of the
decision making process. They trust us to provide looks and brands that we feel would be appropriate
for the look they are going for.

Gimme props is based on excellent customer service, and we will do what it takes to make your
products look their best and increase your sales.